Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Official November News Letter!


I didn't realize its been two months since the last newsletter - eek!

So what have I been doing the last couple of months, well with the help of some creative and talented friends in design and style I've opened the "LolaLab", a cool service providing web design and visual libraries for individuals and businesses.

First project - Dani Lauren Music! Click on the link www.danilaurenmusic.com and check it out. The LolaLab produced her on location photo shoot, video b-roll and implemented the website design.

Remember the CNN interview? Well I'm back on TV with the lovely Gina Keatly, producer of Healthy Soul.

I'll be showing her how a few simple tricks that can make food photography at home fun. 
My episode isn't live yet, but you can check the show out here.

And lastly, when I'm not flapping around being a CEO I'm photographing and filming all types of projects some of which I've listed below, and as a personal favor if you are a person, or you have a friend with ongoing visual needs in film, photograph, or site design please  forward my information along.

Big Love,

Laura (Lola)

Laura is a graduate of the Liverpool Institute of Performing arts where she studied dance, dance and film, and web design. Her undergraduate studies include media, English literature and drama. She is a self taught photographer with a natural eye for composition. From 2000 2009 Laura worked in the role of photography producer for advertising and agency clients.
Laura’s influences include fashion, music, contemporary dance, pop culture, film and architecture. Her Artistic philosophy is “to create accessible usable and tangible” art pieces.
Simplicity is a technique employed by Laura as well as using light and objects in space.
In the future Laura would like to continue showing her work and collaborating with individuals.
Creative Services
Fashion Advertising Photography
Advertising and Recording Photography
Editorial Photography
Look Book Photography for online and print
Point of Sale Packaging Photography
Food and Beverage Photography for online and print
Portrait Photography
Music Photography and Site Design
Product and Ecommerce Photography and site design
Custom Art +
Film and Video
Creative Direction

Laura Little
212 244 4464

Laura Little
212 244 4464

28 West 27th Street
2nd Floor
New York, NY 10001

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