Thursday, May 15, 2014

Official May Newsletter


Beauty Photography
Hair and Make Up by Sara Rachel 
photographed in NEW YORK @ 28ON27 STUDIOS

Hi Friends!

I just got back from ENGLAND!! and I'm gradually getting back into the groove... (that means finishing the last pack of chocolate digestives and denying I need to go to the gym.
England was so so good, and I spent most of my time visiting one farm or another, kissing pigs,holding giant rabbits, and drinking endless cups of tea. I've enclosed some of my instagram pics which really does tell the whole story of my English Journey.

Dario blossomed and is totally into crisps and wearing his wellies. YES! 

As you know I'm photographing all types of projects some of which I've listed below, and as a personal favor if you have a friend who needs someone fab like me, forward this email along.

Big Love,

Laura (Lola)

Laura is a graduate of the Liverpool Institute of Performing arts where she studied dance, dance and film, and web design. Her undergraduate studies include media, English literature and drama. She is a self taught photographer with a natural eye for composition. From 2000 2009 Laura worked in the role of photography producer for advertising and agency clients.
Laura’s influences include fashion, music, contemporary dance, pop culture, film and architecture. Her Artistic philosophy is “to create accessible usable and tangible” art pieces.
Simplicity is a technique employed by Laura as well as using light and objects in space.
In the future Laura would like to continue showing her work and collaborating with individuals.
Photography Work
Fashion Advertising
Look Books
Point of Sale Packaging
Food and Beverage
Product and Ecommerce
Custom Art +
Film and Video

Laura Little
212 244 4464

Laura Little
212 244 4464

28 West 27th Street
2nd Floor
New York, NY 10001

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